Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Using the tools

You install the application for the first time, and.... how can you interact with it?. Using the "rotate tool". The tools are placed into roulette, use your finger up and down. The tool that you can choose is located at the center, making click on this (you can't select a tool at button or top side). When you select one tool, if it has child tools, it's appear to the right, you must select one of this. The active tool is marked with red outline.

Apologizes for my poor English.... in my country all films are traduced to my native language....
Well, I hope that you understand me....



  1. Hi there,
    Your program looks great. Are you able to draw to scale, i.e. mm's. And are you able to add dimension lines?


  2. Hello, thanks for trying the application. I don't understand "draw to scale" (mm=millimeters?). Maybe you want to view dimension reference (like a grid with numbers?). I will study this....

    Thanks for your suggestion.