Monday, April 15, 2013

Scene samples to download

** If you have problems opening the downloaded file from Downloads Android's native application, try to open with File Manager like ES File Explorer, at "download" directory**

List of scene samples (click on image to download):

Download Collage sample
Collage scene with photos, rotation object and predefined floor texture

Download custom sample
Custom letters created with extrusion tool

 Collage scene sample(click to download)

*** NEW VIDEO INSIDE SCENE *** Only for Android >3.0

 Scene sample 03 (click to download)


***NEW*** Saving animated GIF TOOL (PRO version): make animated GIF from your 3d view scene and share with your friends!!!. Move camera and objects while GIF animated file is being recorded in the background.

***NEW*** Wigglegram tool to make your wigglegrams easy from your 3d scene.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Loading projects sharing with Pro version

The Pro version of ModelAN3D can "share" the entire 3d scene, sending one *.oea attached file to one or more e-mail account. This file is ZIP file with all the objects of the project.

If you have problems to load this file with ModelAN3D free version, download the file to your phone and  try to open with File Manager application like ES File Explorer.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Generating animated gifs with your 3d scene

Soon will be available (ModelAN3D Pro version) new video tool to make short videos saved as animated gifs files (New post with functionality samples)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to share projects from ModelAN3D Pro version

If you have the new ModelAN3D Pro version, you can share your entire 3d scene with your friends. Access to the menu options, and select Share Project. You can send your scene using Gmail: select contacts and send. This mail have attached one file *.oea with all your scene.

Users that have installed ModelAN3D >1.7 version can open this file and view the scene. Sometimes is necessary re-start the Gmail process to recognize the *.oea extension (if you have installed ModelAN3D >1.7 recently). Otherwise you can save this file into sd card and open directly. 


New version ModelAN3D Pro is now available!!!!

You can purchase the new ModelAN3D Pro version now from Google Play:

I hope you enjoy this!!!!