Monday, April 15, 2013

Scene samples to download

** If you have problems opening the downloaded file from Downloads Android's native application, try to open with File Manager like ES File Explorer, at "download" directory**

List of scene samples (click on image to download):

Download Collage sample
Collage scene with photos, rotation object and predefined floor texture

Download custom sample
Custom letters created with extrusion tool

 Collage scene sample(click to download)

*** NEW VIDEO INSIDE SCENE *** Only for Android >3.0

 Scene sample 03 (click to download)


***NEW*** Saving animated GIF TOOL (PRO version): make animated GIF from your 3d view scene and share with your friends!!!. Move camera and objects while GIF animated file is being recorded in the background.

***NEW*** Wigglegram tool to make your wigglegrams easy from your 3d scene.

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