Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cardboard view included into 2.5 version !!!!

I've just uploaded the new 2.5 version to Google Play with new Cardboard view!!!. It will be available in next hours for everyone that has cardboard compatible device!.

The new visualization mode can be activated from tool "3d View".

Select "Cardboard option" and click "OK" button. You view your 3d world in front of you!.
How can I control the camera?. Left and right movements, up and down move the camera's look at position. To move the camera position, you have to tilt your head clockwise to move the camera towards look at direction, or anticlockwise to move the camera backwards look at direction.

Please, report any problem with this new functionality.


Friday, January 15, 2016

News for version 2.4 !!!!

Today you can download the new version 2.4!!. You have 3 new fonts (optimized for horizontal space, narrow letters), and new undo/redo functionality on certain tools.

Move, scale, rotate and light tools have Undo/Redo when you use finger gesture to move the objects. The functionality is restricted to only one object (if you choose another object, you loose the history). This new functionality helps you when you are working with and object and make some mistake, now you can go back (or redo).